About us


We come from humble beginnings in Munich - Germany 1999, where we first started to sell liqueur in pin bottles which means our roots actually come from drinking. Throughout the years, we became wiser, lessened our focus on drinking and started to listen even more carefully to our customers. Based on the daily problems and experiences of hundreds of center managers we started to create new ideas and technologies to support Bowling Centers in their daily work. Today, with over 2.500 customers worldwide STRIKE MAKER has evolved into a global full-service provider for Bowling Centers.

Bowling Pins, Rental Shoes or even Lane Care
We lead the market and support your daily efforts to run your Bowling Center.

Spare Parts for Brunswick GS® Pin Setters and Technical Service
We care that your Pin Setters runs uninterrupted and efficiently. We offer only high quality parts engineered in Germany.

Modernization or New Projects.
We consult with you to meet your future business needs.

Still today, STRIKE MAKER is run and owned by the two founders. Day after day, our global team dedicates its efforts to achieve the best quality products, fairest prices and highest service levels. Our goal is to make our customers` live easier and their businesses more profitable.

Over 2.500 Bowling Center relay on our products. How about you?

Strike Maker YOUR partner for YOUR Bowling BUSINESS!